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Workplace safety hasn’t always been viewed with the same level of concern that most businesses express today. Many will point to the labour movement in Europe during the Industrial Revolution as the beginning of modern safety protocols designed to protect workers.

The History of Workplace Safety

When the rise of manufacturing saw workers moving into factories, new dangers arose that threatened their safety, including dangerous equipment and poor ventilation. It was only in 1802 that the Health and Morals of Apprentices Act began requiring factories to provide clean workspaces and proper ventilation. This was in response to a fever outbreak in 1784 that affected cotton mill workers in the United Kingdom.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Employee IDs

Today, keeping worker IDs secure is of vital concern. At many worksites, worker IDs may be digital keys to their private lives, as well as a means of accessing sensitive information within their organization. This makes the protection of their IDs a critical concern for both the individual and their employer.

In many businesses and industries, worker IDs take many forms. They may be photo IDs that incorporate a photo along with their employer’s name, logo, and an employee number. Other, more advanced IDs also serve as electronic keys that can be used to gain access to specific areas and information, or even to track the employee’s location in real-time.

These types of ID badges may be convenient, but they also come with substantial risks: an employee who loses their ID is essentially handing over a key to their workplace. If the employer maintains extensive records in digital form, the ID may also grant access to the employee’s personal information, including their medical and financial details, putting them at risk of monetary or reputational loss.

Ensuring More than Just Physical Safety

At Vital ID, we understand the need for protecting not only the worker’s physical health, but also their personal information. Worker IDs can save lives by providing first responders with vital information such as allergies, existing health concerns, and emergency contacts. While this information needs to be made available for their physical well-being, it is vital that it also remain secure.

The Vital ID Solution – Worker Data Security Solutions

Vital ID provides employers and employees with a simple and convenient means of keeping emergency information on hand and readily accessible, without any risk of identity theft, or fraudulent use of sensitive data.

Vital ID products carry the most important information for emergencies, including contact names and phone numbers, along with medical information that can help save the employee’s life when every second counts. Easily affixed to a hardhat, Vital ID tags are quickly located and accessed when the need arises, without offering unnecessary information that could prove harmful to the employee or their employer.

In an age where there is an increasing reliance on interconnectivity, Vital ID offers a means of providing essential information, without the risk that comes with other forms of ID. Explore our shop for more details or request a sample to see how our products can benefit your organization.

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