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Designed to complement our Worker ID solutions.

Our new Worker Emergency app allows you to record all of your emergency information on your mobile device, record an image of yourself (for identity purposes) and to keep this information secure (if you choose) by setting a password. IMPORTANT – To allow access to your stored information in an accident or medical emergency, write your chosen password on the waterproof ID card stored securely within your Helmet ID tag. Update your recorded information or image whenever you want within the app. Best of all this information is stored only on your mobile device. It is not uploaded to a central database so you are in control of your data at all times.
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For fast access, add app to your phones locked screen (instructions below are for iPhone, Android devices similar).

Step 1

On your unlocked phone, swipe fully to the left to access your home screen. The press “edit”

Step 2

Select “Worker ID” app from the app list by hitting the “+” button to the left.

Step 3

App is now available on your phones locked screen.

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